Green Acres Village

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"I never dreamed that owning a farm could be such an adventure!"

Since the Fall of 2006, when Deb Brayton purchased the land that is now beautiful Green Acres Village (GAV) at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, she has been on a mission. Following the construction of full range grazing pastures and restoration of the farm's original barn and out buildings, GAV began raising myotonic goats, better known as "fainting goats",  "stiff-legged", "Tennessee fainters" or "wooden legs". Besides this unique feature of "freezing", these small, non-jumping, friendly creatures are disease resistant and co-mingle well with all other livestock which makes great additions with minimal care.  Deb is striving to preserve this original breed with improved conformation by bringing in breeder stock with grand champion bloodlines.  Her goal is to have a diversified product with great coloration and markings, polled, as well as other unique qualities, such as blue eyes and moon spots.  Raising goats available for all level of buyers, from a pet to a show goat, with quality breeding stock for your hobby farm.

Visit our web page of current fainting goats for sale and/or call us at (573) 216-7796 to inquire about our goats at GAV.

Historic Barn at GAV

Green Acres Village (GAV) is a member of the Myotonic Goat Registry

Member of the Myotonic Goat Registry